Various hobbies and documents that expose my writing style, ideology, and general health.

Lastest script written in WML 1.12 of a campaign under Wesnoth.

Case of the Missing Scepter

You can download the newest release of this open source game from The Battle for Wesnoth

Also, I have a script in the 1.11 development version (more units, WML changes, graphics). Like the unreleased 1.12 beta version, you can download it through the game's add-ons section. If you want the 1.11 developmental version and use Linux or Sun or BSD as an operating system, you can compile the source in the normal manner (after installing Boost and LUAC 5.1). For MacIntoshes and Windozes, you just click on the link and then stuff magically happens.

Random Documents

Random documents that I might use off-site. There is no copyright on them, since I was not paid to create them. So, copy and paste away.

Entering utility user tax payments on Oracle
Resume in OpenOffice.org2 format
Instructions for the Tenant Information Project

Valentine's Day 2006

Pasadena is close to the Angeles National Forest, making a mountain bike a must-buy for the area. During the winter, it is okay to ride where this photo was taken near the Miracle Mile (I am the one not wearing the pink sweater), but as the weather warms up, so does the ozone count, which burns the lungs. So, if you want to see more of me on the streets, quit driving those lung-clogging SUVs.