Desktop Publishing


Data Management


You will find me the perfect technical talent needed for administrative work in positions requiring accounting knowledge and desktop publishing.

I am available to companies requiring technical writing or copywriting using the most current versions of Abobe's Acrobat and FrameMaker with Photoshop. Odd SGML formats, e.g., XML or EDGAR I can handle with one all-purpose DSSSL (document style, semantics and specification language) program.

If you are a smaller business that does not need to publish massive tomes with detailed illustrations, I can help you put together brochures or direct marketing materials in several mediums and in formats that other end-users can update with common software.

Companies with large technical projects will profit my working on marketing material where complex concepts are conveyed in the briefest space. Also, I have empathy with tech-manual users, having relied on them as an aid in corrective maintenance when I was an electronics technician.

Installed Software Available for Telecommuting

Software Packages


ApplixWare 4.4.1

MicroSoft Office 97 SBE


StarOffice 5.1








Data Management


Borland's dBase



Publishing and Documentation


GIMP 1.1


Jade 1.2 DSSSL


MicroSoft Publisher 98


WordPerfect 8